Elmar Brok perceives talks in Edinburgh as a possible breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations

In a meeting with Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh and after a talk with Alex Ellis, Director-General of the Brexit Ministry, the Brexit Representative of the EPP Group, Elmar Brok, gained the impression that the issues of civil rights and financial settlements between the EU-27 and the United Kingdom are in for a breakthrough.

However, it remains unclear how the third condition – the solution of the border issue between Northern Ireland and Ireland – could be met. This must be achieved within the next few days in order to enter the second phase for the development of the future relations. Brok said that this is very difficult and the United Kingdom should make proposals that would be acceptable for Ireland.

During the discussion it became obvious how difficult the situation could develop for the people and the economy in the peripheral regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales after Brexit. This was also evident in a conversation with Wales Finance Minister Mark Drakeford. Therefore, Brok demanded to avoid these problems with Northern Ireland in order to prevent jeopardizing the peace process.