Elmar Brok met the Greek opposition leader Mitsotakis

Yesterday, Elmar Brok MEP met with Greek politician Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Athens. Mitsotakis is the leader of the largest Greek party, Nea Dimokratia, and opposition leader in the Greek parliament. Brok and Mitsotakis discussed the EU Commission’s recent recommendations to deepen the monetary union and the implications of these suggestions for Greece. Brok emphasized that structural reforms in the fields of economic, labour and education policy are necessary for Greece. While the governing Syriza party under the leadership of Prime Minister Tsipras is losing public support, Nea Dimokratia is ahead in the polls. Brok: “Mitsotakis belongs to a new generation of modern politicians such as President Macron: leaders, who know that their countries and the EU as a whole are in dire need of reform.”