Ukraine’s partners hope reforms started five years ago will continue, won’t be halted – MEP Brok

Ukraine’s international partners have expressed hope that reforms in the country will continue after the presidential elections, member of the European Parliament from Germany Elmar Brok has stated.
He said Ukraine should carry out reforms for itself, not for someone. It was declared during the first Maidan [in 2005] and now we can only hope that the reforms started five years ago will continue, will not be stopped, the official stated.

„We want to see more cooperation,“ he said at the Kyiv Security Forum on April 12.

The MEP noted that Ukraine had managed to achieve significant progress in implementing reforms in recent years.

The reform program in this country is indeed very important, but also quite difficult, he said. Ukraine has really made significant progress, but now the question is that many, in particular, young people believe that not much has been done in the fight against corruption and this means that the reform process is taking place, but the progress is not enough as it should be, Brok said.