Statement by MEP Elmar Brok after EU 27 gives green light on Brexit deal

Elmar Brok, European People’s Party’s Brexit coordinator and Brexit-sherpa for the European Parliament welcomes the decision by the EU 27 leaders to agree to the Brexit deal. „I am glad to see that during the tough negotiations the EU 27 showed unity till a deal was found. This is the best possible deal we could have negotiated and will provide a solid basis to continue the negotiations on our future relations.“

Brok made clear, that it now depends on the British Parliament whether it will be a soft or hard Brexit. It has been long clear to the EU that here will be no winners after the UK leaves, but that damage limitation is essential. „Mr Barnier has negotiated successfully“, Mr Brok said.
„Should the MPs in London not agree to the proposed Brexit deal, we would head towards a hard Brexit. That would be a disaster for both sides – economically and politically.“ Brok stated. The EU has previously stated that they will not renegotiate.