Statement by Elmar Brok, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, on the visit of the committee to Mexico (23-25 March)

It has been an interesting visit at an crucial juncture in Mexico’s history. We came back convinced that we must deepen and update our partnership with this important global player. The agreement we have with Mexico must be brought it up to speed with developments in the region and beyond. It is not simply a question of taking the TTIP negotiations into account since these might take some time anyway. Other developments, such as the establishment of the Pacific Alliance and the fact that other Latin American countries seek closer ties with the EU, call for the modernisation of our relations with Mexico. We are confident that, when, in September, the two sides agree the main outlines of the future agreement, negotiations can start quickly„.

Besides considering the prospects for the new agreement, the delegation also discussed global issues. „We have found many points of convergence. When discussing the situation in Ukraine, for example, we agreed that international law must be respected. We therefore look positively at the emergence of MIKTA(1) as a coordination mechanism between democratic medium-sized economies. MIKTA could become an ally in promoting democratic values, upholding international law and defending basic human rights„.

Finally the delegation held talks on the important constitutional reforms which have taken place in Mexico and on their implementation. „We are impressed by the scope of these reforms. There are many challenges ahead, not least in the energy and in the education sectors, but the politicians we met seemed determined to face these challenges and ensure that Mexico can become a more prosperous, more equal and more secure place for all its citizens„.

The 5-member delegation(2) met the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Economy, the President of the Senate, and held meetings with key senators, with representatives of civil society and with business people.

(1) Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Australia
(2) The delegation comprised Mr Elmar Brok (EPP-DE), José Ignacio Salafranca (EPP-ES), Ricardo Cortés Lastra (S&D-ES), Laima Andrikiene (EPP-LT) and Davor Stier (EPP-HR).

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