Statement by AFET Chair Brok following Interparliamentary Conference on CSDP/CFSP

„Over the last decades, we have heard much about acting together to secure Europe’s citizens, but these declarations have rarely been followed up by action“ said the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, at the conclusion of the Interparliamentary Conference for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy in The Hague.  (6 – 8 April 2016)

He added that „Now more than ever it is time to act, we cannot continue to just talk without any outcome. Our citizens are waiting for credible results. I believe this is the time to deliver.“ He concluded that  „we are engaged in a global war and the distinction between external and internal security has become increasingly blurred. I think the discussions with our colleagues from EU national parliaments showed that there is substantial agreement on the nature of this fight“.

On the last day of the conference, following the rejection of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in a consultative referendum in the Netherlands, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressed the conference and noted that the Dutch government would now consult internally, with its European partners and with Ukraine to consider next steps. AFET Chair Brok stressed the continuing importance of ratifying the agreement and expressed hope that the Dutch government would soon find a solution to the questions the referendum has raised.