Georgia must continue justice reform

Georgia must continue its judicial reform programme, the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Elmar Brok MEP (EPP/DE) said. Speaking at a committee meeting in Brussels with the Georgian Minister of Justice, Ms Tea Tsulukiani, Brok voiced concerns about selective and politically motivated justice within the country’s legal system. Brok asked minister Tsulukiani for detailed information about the recent find of illegal recordings, the plan by the Georgian government to establish a Commission on miscarriage of justice, as well as the resignation – apparently under pressure from the government – of municipal councillors.

The Minister informed the members of the foreign affairs committee of the progress in providing institutional safeguards for independent judges, in reforming the General Prosecutor Service, and of plans to review the code of the criminal justice by the end of the year, and to reform the laws for juvenile justice. Ms Tsulukiani has also explained that the draft law on the miscarriage of justice is currently being consulted with experts, civil society and the Venice Commission. She also highlighted that she is aware there are numerous reforms that need to be undertaken, including those in the area of discrimination, health, disabilities, and sexual orientations.

We find these developments encouraging and will continue to monitor progress in these crucial areas, commented Mr Brok at the end of the meeting.

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