Elmar Brok meets Sakharov Prize Laureate Taslima Nasreen

In the framework of the One World Human Rights Film Festival Elmar Brok, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs the 1994 Sakharov Prize Laureate, Taslima Nasreen, in the European Parliament today.

At the meeting Mr Brok discussed with the Laureate the problem of the radicalisation and how influence can change a secular society into a religious one, where fundamental freedoms are not respected.

The Laureate indicated that the radicalisation of the Bangladeshi society continues and even kindergartens and schools become places where children are brainwashed and where the radicalisation takes place.

Taslima Nasreen has deplored the lack of action by the Bangladeshi government against fundamentalist killers who target free thinkers and the fact that women’s right and human rights are not respected in Bangladesh.

The 1994 Sakharov Prize Laureate, Taslima Nasreen, faces still today death threats and has been the subject of fatwa.

She is a best-seller author, doctor and poet. She lives on exile.

Her visit was a part of the programme of the Sakharov Network Event organised in the framework of the One World Film Festival, together with the European Parliament and the NGO People in Need, where she took part in a debate about radicalisation.

Info about the Laureate on the EP website :