Bilateral meeting between Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati and Elmar Brok – Brok: Albania is on a good course but more needs to be done

Elmar Brok, the Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, held a bilateral meeting with the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati today to discuss the country’s EU accession process and the current political and economic situation in the Western Balkans. Brok made clear: „Albania progressed a lot in recent times and this will make the accession process easier. But Albania can only succeed on its path to EU membership if the government facilitates and guarantees cooperation between all political parties, civil society and other important stakeholders“. Brok further added: „In a democratic society, the parliamentary majority can never be used against the constitutional law and the political opposition and a system of checks and balances needs to be ensured.“

Ditmir Bushati underlined the importance to implement the rulings of the Constitutional Court and highlighted the on-going process of reforms. He further praised the preparations of Albania to implement reforms and fulfil the criteria to enable it to open accession negotiations. Minister Bushati appreciated the role of Mr. Brok and the European Parliament as a promoter of the integration process in the Western Balkans and extended his gratitude for the support given to Albania in receiving the EU candidate country status.

With regard to the Ukraine crisis, Bushati said: „The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has divided the Western Balkans and the countries of the region have adopted different stances towards Russia. Albania was the only country that fully supported the EU’s strong line against Russia and the economic sanctions that were imposed“. Brok stressed that Albania’s support was indeed very much appreciated.

Both agreed to keep „the line of communication open“ and „to continue cooperating in the future“ in order to bring Albania closer to the EU.

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