Tymoshenko ruling: Human Rights Court illustrates selective justice by Ukraine

In reaction to today’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Julia Tymoshenko vs. Ukraine, the chairman of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Elmar Brok (EPP/DE) said:

„The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights confirms the trial against Ms Tymoshenko was politically-motivated. Ms Tymoshenko must be freed immediately“.

„The ruling illustrates the selective and politically motivated justice in Ukraine. The European Court of Human Rights found that Ms Tymoshenko’s pre-trial detention had been arbitrary. Ukraine is still miles away from fulfilling European standards“.

„The part of the ruling concerning her health constitutes in no way an acquittal of the Ukrainian justice system, but is based on formal grounds due to a missing medical examination“.

„The ruling illustrates the necessity for Ukraine to end its selective justice as a pre-condition for signing the association agreement“.

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