Georgia: Transition of Power must also be possible in the future

Resolution by the European Parliament

After yesterday’s election of the new Georgian Prime Minister Ivanishvili, the European Parliament has called on the new Georgian government to be willing to reach compromises. „Constructive relations between the new government of Bidzina Ivanishvili and president Saakashvili are essential for Georgia’s democratic credentials and governance“ said Elmar Brok (CDU/EPP), Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs in the European Parliament.

„Constructiveness and the ability to reach compromises of Ivanishvili’s government are decisive for the reputation and the inner unity of Georgia. It is in the new government’s own interest, to consolidate democratic standards and the rule of law. The government has to ensure that also at the next election, a peaceful transfer of power can be possible. President Saakashvili’s behaviour after the last election has been a good example for this.“ Brok stated further.

Moreover the Parliament stressed the importance for a fully functioning democracy to adopt and implement a stringent and effective law on party financing as well as a law on potential and actual conflicts of interest in order to draw a clear line of separation between private and public interests for persons holding public office.

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