Elmar Brok holds bilateral meeting with the new Prime Minister of Moldova Mr Chiril Gaburici

The chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mr Elmar Brok, received the newly elected Prime Minister of Moldova Mr Chiril Gaburici and passed on his warmest congratulations on his election, noting that it had been a long and arduous process.

Brok welcomed the fact that the Prime Minister’s first visit was to Brussels. He stressed that only by implementing the necessary internal reforms and the necessary transformation, will it be possible to unlock all the economic benefits.

Mr Gaburici reassured that European integration is the first priority, the second being the implementation of all the reforms. He was adamant that Moldova’s Parliament will vote in majority in favour of all the important reforms related to the EU integration. Fight against corruption, justice reform and reform of the banking system are also high on the agenda of the new government.

The Prime Minister noted that the EU had done a lot to assist the Republic of Moldova to address the challenges it faced with the Russian embargo on Moldovan products.

Regarding Transnistria, Mr Gaburici said that they are looking to meet the Tiraspol authorities in the next days and that their aim is to look at first steps for economic activities such as involving them in the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). The promotion of cultural activities aiming to enhance confidence building will also be on the agenda.

On the elections in Gagauzia and the fear of possible Russian actions and interventions, the Prime Minister noted that there was only one candidate with very strong support from Russia. He stressed that the government’s approach would be to carry out projects in the region and to invest in agriculture and infrastructure to show Chisinau’s interest in Gagauzia.