„Defeating IS is crucial for Europe’s security“, says Elmar Brok

Reinstatement of peace and security in Syria and Iraq following the terrorism and violence perpetuated by the so called Islamic State (IS) are top priorities for the EPP Group MEPs who stressed during today´s plenary debate that the immediate humanitarian assistance and protection needs to be an integral part of long-term strategies to end the conflict.

The EPP Group leader of the debates, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, Elmar Brok MEP calls for the active cooperation of neighbouring Arab states that is necessary to defeat IS: „We are confronted with an unusual large group of terrorists that are not willing to negotiate and are continuously expanding their terror against everyone. This situation cannot be solved only by the 16 coalition partners. The neighbours from Qatar to Riyadh and from Teheran to Ankara have direct responsibility to stop this extermination war carried by IS. We have to remind to a lot of Islamic states that finally they have to be united to defend their region, „said Brok, who visited Bagdad and Erbil last week. He called on Bagdad to come to terms with Iraqi Sunnites. The terrible situation of refugees, including Christians and Yazidi, calls for more humanitarian aid, but also far more military assistance.

The EPP Group negotiator of the Resolution on the Humanitarian crisis in Iraq and Syria, in particular in the IS context, Tunne Kelam MEP called for a long-term strategy to defeat the terrorist organisation IS: “There is not just immediate problem of addressing the needs of 12 million displaced persons inside Syria and 5 million in Iraq. Equally immediate challenge is to defeat IS and create conditions for displaced people to return to their homes to be able to live there in normal conditions,“ said Kelam.

Kelam stressed that if not contained soon the situation risks to turn into a great regional or international conflict which will be contagious. This is why „we need concrete actions, international cooperation including the use of force. Terrorists can be contained only by coordinated political will and better arms, “concluded the EPP Group negotiator of the Resolution.

The European Parliament resolution stresses that defeating the extremist terrorist threat in Middle East and North Africa region is crucial to combat terrorism inside the European Union since its advance actually feeds home-grown radicalisation. Moreover the EU should consider initiating a convening of a donor conference.

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