Brok: „The EU is the greatest peace project in history“

„The decision, to give the Nobel Peace Price to the European Union, is overdue, because for a long time, the EU has been the greatest and most successful peace project of mankind. However, because of the current crisis this decision is very timely“, said Elmar Brok (CDU/EPP), Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament.
„After centuries of wars the EU has been a 60-years-success-story for peace and freedom.“ stated Brok. „This price is a great honour for the European Union and is a signal to all that we must continue to stand by our values, be it in internal or external affairs.“
„We are facing great challenges, but the rewards of a successful European project are peace, freedom and welfare, as has been acknowledged by the Nobel Committee today. The price is also a great appreciation of Helmut Kohl and his life’s work, who is the last living Honorary Citizen of Europe“, Brok pointed out.

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